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Why choose Leona Chin? 为什么选择Leona Chin?

Advertise with Leona Chin through various ways

通过各种方式与Leona Chin广告



Advertising Campaign | 广告活动

    • Social Media content through  社交媒体内容通过 Facebook/ Blog site/ Instagram / Youtube / Twitter / 微博/ 微信 /
    • Visual advertising appearances 视觉广告外观
    • Live feed video promotions 直播视频促销
    • Brand Ambassadorship 品牌代言人




Motorsport (Mobile advertising) | 赛车运动(移动广告)


    • Advertise on Race Cars and Team as Title Sponsor. 作为主赞助商在赛车和团队中做广告

  • Entered as naming rights sponsor for total of 10 races. Name in commentary & programs etc.
  • Prime Door Panel Coverage on each side of the car for your company or product.
  • Prime location of logos on driving suits and hats to take advantage of media cover.
  • Display Race car at your product or event roadshow – subject to availability, transportation cost not included.
  • Signed and framed sponsor certificate and large photograph for display at your offices.
  • Professional Motorsport Video and photography of race coverage.
  • Links and plugs on our website.
  • Press Releases and Social Media postings.

*The package can be modified and extended to suit individual requirements. So let us know how we might tailor the sponsorship to best suit your company or product requirements



Roadshow appearances | 路演外观

  • Visit event location for ground breaking or launching ceremonies. 参观活动地点进行破土动工仪式





Corporate Drift Rides | 公司漂移游乐设施

  • Arrange a customised full day of fun passenger drift ride experience with Leona Chin. 与Leona Chin一起定制一整天有趣的乘客漂移骑行体验



Contact us for a customised advertising campaign to suit your needs



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