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Leona Chin 

Malaysia Motorsport Athlete. Motorsports racing since 2008. Motorsports drifting since 2005.

Most inspiring female motorsports athlete racer in Malaysia.

If you met Leona off the circuit, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that she is a professional race car driver.

Don’t be fooled by her gentle demeanor. Not only has she been racing for over 18 years, but she is a racing driver with an indomitable spirit.

It’s hard to believe that Leona Chin’s extraordinary exploits began with a chance encounter with a group of car enthusiasts. Beyond kindling a contagious passion and leaving a lasting impression on the world of cars; it was the catalyst of things to come.

“They taught me the specifics, everything I needed to know about engines, engine performance, and other technical knowledge. Most importantly, they taught me how to drive,” she says gratefully.

What began by mere coincidence developed further, fueled by a desire to learn, an openness to change, and a hunger to grow.

Recently Leona has been garnering exceptional attention in the international motorsport industry. It is clear that her grit, talent, and perseverance in training have positioned her for excellence; having mastered a male-dominated sport. Leona brazenly breaks down the stereotypes by pushing the boundaries of a women’s strength, limit, and endurance. Making her debut GT race in GT World Challenge Asia Series in 2020. 



2019 Leona was appointed the official ambassador for China Auto Salon (CAS) and performed in front of the live audiences at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. She also performed with 溜溜哥 live stream.



Leona’s first TV show appearance at China for FTEAM Reality TV Show in 2015 with famous actor Jimmy Lin and Liu Tao and Yu Quan. FTEAM is China’s first original auto competition reality show jointly created by Guangdong Satellite TV and Shenzhen Spark International Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. (Xinghuo International). Taking male entertainment as the starting point, the program integrates professional racing skills and reality shows. The first-line star artists and professional racing drivers who love racing are the captains. The amateurs who love and understand cars participate in the competition. Pick your favorite driver to form your own team.

2019, Leona’s was invited by CCTV to attend the Formula 1 Race at Shanghai

2019, Leona’s was invited by FM 940 radio for an interview

2018, Leona’s was invited by CCTV channel  for a reality TV Show challenge at Hang Zhou China. “Che Shen Jia Dao” or translated to english – ” Car God Arrives”.














如今,陈莉慧已然成为了国际赛车界的关注热点。她独立自言,率性真实,更重要的是,她为追求自己的梦想,突破自我,坚持不懈的努力。让大家见识她的韧性与暴发力。一般印象中赛车运动就是以男生的`赛事活动,陈莉慧以实际行动证明女性也可以与男性相抗衡并一较高下。2020 年已进入GT世界挑战亚洲系列赛。




2015 年,陈莉慧进入了中国原创的汽车真人秀节目。《炫风车手》是由广东卫视与深圳星火国际影视传媒有限公司(星火国际)联袂打造中国的首档原创汽车竞技真人秀。 节目以雄性娱乐为切入点,集专业赛车技能和真人秀为一体,由一线酷爱赛车竞技的明星艺人和专业赛车手担当队长,由爱车、懂车的素人参加比赛,四组明星队长再从中挑选心仪车手组建自己的团队。



Malaysian woman driver Leona Chin showed her mettle to end the year on a high by claiming the Malaysia Touring Car (MTC) overall title at Sepang International Circuit.


Biography of Leona Chin

Leona Chin, a motorsport athlete from born in Selangor, Malaysia.

She is a nerdy girl who likes racing. She especially loves racing and motorsport drifting.

She began her career in the motoring industry in motorsport drifting at the age of 19 and earned her way to become a race car driver for an all-female race team for a 12-hour endurance race.

Throughout her career, she participated in various motorsport activities locally and internationally. 

In 2015, her appearance in 2 videos on went viral worldwide “the Fast & Furious Nerd Shocks Instructors” and “Sales Lady in a Car Showroom” with MaxmanTV in 2015.

Her videos won Freaking Awesome Video of the Year Award in WebTVAsia 2015 Awards. 

Leona appeared in 2 reality TV shows in China Guang Dong TV Channel program “炫风车手” and CCTV China Channel program “车神驾到”.

In 2016, Leona competed in the Clio Cup China Series and won Overall Runner Up in the championship series.

In 2019, Leona was awarded the Most Inspiring Female Motorsport Athlete for the Sepang Circuit Awards. 

Leona won 2nd in the Malaysian Championship Series 2019 M-Production Class Full Season Championship.

In 2020 and 2021, Leona and Tengku Djan will participate in the GT World Challenge Asia series, under the fully Malaysia Racing Team – Legacy Racing Team, however due to the covid-19 pandemic, the team will not be racing this year.

In 2021, Leona participated in the Malaysian Championship Series 2021 M-Production Class, Overall Champion [pic] [video]

In 2021, Leona’s privateer team won the inaugural Sepang 1000km endurance race in the M-Production Class and Overall Champion. [pic] [video]


Awards & Achievements


Year Awards Category Ref.
2015 WebTVAsia Awards Freaking Awesome Video of the Year [pic]
2017 ICON Malaysia Ball Iconic 10 [pic]
2018 PETRONAS SIC Motorsports Association of Malaysia Awards 2018 Most Inspiring Female Motorsport Athlete [pic]
2019 Asia Automotive Awards 2019 Most Promising Female Motorsport Athlete [pic]
2019 McMillanWoods Global Awards 2019 Most Inspiring Female Motorsport Athlete of the Year [pic]
2021 The 2nd World Excellence Entrepreneur Brand Celebrity Awards 2021 Malaysian Excellence Female Motorsport Athlete Celebrity Award [pic]
2022 World Grandmaster Awards 2022 Malaysian Most Outstanding Female Motorsport Athlete [pic]


Appearances & Media

Year Programme Channel
2007 Xtuned Astro Ria
2009 The Breakfast Show NTV7
2011 72 Extreme Job Astro Wah Lai Toi
2011 Malaysia Drifting Report Gekisou GT
2012 Master Chef Malaysia Celebrity Season Astro Ria
2013 OMG Sherbet TV show Diva Universal
2015 炫风车手 F Team China Guangdong Tv
2015 You Have Been Warned with Ean Nasrun Discovery Channel Southeast Asia
2016 TV3 Buletin utama TV3
2016 车神驾到 CCTV-2
2017 I Am Woman Viu  (IPTV)
2017 Vbuzz Astro Vinmeen
2017 TV3 Buletin TV3
2018 Caraoke Drift iflix (IPTV)
2018 Nona TV3 Malaysia
2018 8TV Express 8TV
2018 Club Mickey Mouse Disney Channel
2019 CCTV Sports at F1 Shanghai CCTV Sports
2019 Physics of Drifting Business Insider
2021 Wanita Ikon Negara RTM1


Year Movie Role Ref
2018 The Leakers Stunt Driver [link]
2018 Reborn Stunt Driver [link]


Year Events Info
2013 Career Day – TOC 1 Ipoh, Perak
2013 Career Day – TOC 2 Petaling Utama, Selangor
2013 Career Day – TOC 3 Klang, Selangor
2016 Hitz FM MET 10 Awards Presenter for Best Breakthrough Act award
2016 Mitsubishi Motors Extra Hardcore Roadshow Malaysia
2018 Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Experience Day Hanoi Vietnam
2018 Youtube End of the Year Review Presenter for Best FnB Ad on Youtube 2018
2019 Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia 4SureThrill Selangor Malaysia
2019 Aston Martin Vantage Launching in Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2019 Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Xpander Eco Challenge Drive Hanoi Vietnam
2019 Juru Auto-City Carnival 2019 Penang Malaysia
2019 China Auto Show Shanghai Ambassador China


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2022 Race Calendar – Malaysian Championship Series 2022

ROUNDS        RACES           DATES

ROUND 1       RACE 1 & 2              20 – 22 MAY 2022

ROUND 2       RACE 3 & 4              17 – 19 JUN 2022

ROUND 3       RACE 5 & 6              22 – 24 JUL 2022

ROUND 4       RACE 7 & 8              16 – 18 SEP 2022

ROUND 5       RACE 9 (300KM)    16 – 18 SEP 2022